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How did The Private Sea begin, thank Joe Rogan.  In 1985, I looked at floating but never got the opportunity before float tanks went quiet.  It was early 2014 when our son Tom was listening to Joe Rogans’ podcast and as a result went and floated. He came back with that relaxed bliss full and sometimes silly looking grin on his face and told us about the experience.  Well, Lynne and I were straight on the Internet and booked our first float.  We were hooked, never before had we had an experience like it, total and uninterrupted relaxation.  We just felt damn good all over and on the drive home I noticed that my bad neck and back were loose and pain free.   What the hell had we just discovered for ourselves?

We floated more and more and came to the conclusion that we needed to share this with our community and surrounding area.

Our biggest joy is watching peoples faces, body language and post float reaction when they walk out of the tank rooms and we ask “How did you go?”  Their reactions tell us everything and continually motivate us to keep getting the float message out there.

What Is A Float Tank?
A float tank is an enclosed light and sound proof environment with a shallow bath of water saturated with around 350 kg of Epsom salts. This creates a buoyant solution full of magnesium and sulphates that allow the user to virtually float free from gravity. The water is heated to 34.5 celsius (skin receptor neutral) which means your body can’t tell where the water starts and the body ends. So with no sensation of touch, sight, sound, taste and a very small sense of smell (water treatments) you are left with your mind. This is where things get interesting!
Why Use A Float Tank?
Simply:- Fight the affects of gravity, Total and Deep Relaxation, Absorption of Magnesium and Sulphates reducing stress and increase wellbeing, Assists in the management of pain, Increased Sports Recovery, Lowers cortisol and adrenaline levels (linked to hypertension). This is a start; there are more reasons, like synchronisation of the left and right side of the brain, increase in the creative processes, softening of the hair and skin, super learning? Getting a bit deep here, but all applicable to the benefits of floating. Gravity and Balance – 90% of your bodies energy is used in fighting the effects of these two. When you think of it, walking is a controlled fall and standing, although it feels natural, is a complex dance of both minute and expansive movements to remain upright (balance) . Your spine and joints are all victims of gravity, It’s not just the constant pull downwards it’s the strain of pushing up against that pull that your body feels.  Aching backs, knees and joints.  Thankyou gravity.  Even when you are lying down, the body still feels the affect of gravity. When floating in the tank, 90% of gravity is removed, allowing your body to remain virtually weightless, taking pressure from the spine and joints of your body.  
How Does It All Work?

The Gravity part; that’s easy. The amount of Epsom salt in each tank makes the water twice as buoyant as the Dead Sea. It’s like wearing floaties in the bath. Your body is completely supported by the salt in the water, so no pressure points, no need for your brain to constantly calculate balance and relief for your spine and joints.

The Epsom salts you are lying in aren’t actually a salt but a mineral compound of Magnesium and Sulphate. The wonders of Epsom salts have been known for hundreds of years and have countless health benefits including relaxing the nervous system, curing skin problems, soothing backpain and aching limbs, easing muscle tension, healing cuts and drawing toxins from the body.

Stress drains the body of magnesium and increases the level of adrenaline. While you float in peace your body absorbs the magnesium through your skin replenishing your bodies levels. Magnesium is absorbed easily through your skin and while floating your body is topped up with the magnesium that the daily stresses have drained. It assists in reducing inflammation in muscles, increasing muscle recovery times and eases pain making it beneficial for people living with chronic pain. For those of you taking calcium supplements, correct magnesium levels are crucial for the proper use of calcium.

Low sulphate levels have been found to affect growth development and has been linked to diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinson’s , Schizophrenia, Autism, Motor Neurone disease and Cirrhosis of the liver. Like Magnesium Sulphate can be absorbed through the skin while soaking.

The Benefits Of Floatation On the Mind

As you travel around day to day, your brain is calculating and processing huge amounts of data and facts from the outside world. There are separate parts of the brain (old and newly developed, left and right side) responsible for keeping you breathing and your blood pumping without you knowing, assessing threats and dangers, to controlling your emotions with the use of chemical dumps into your system, yes, love is a chemical reaction, as well as thinking both logically and creatively.

Entering the float tanks removes all external input allowing the mind to relax. This frees up a huge amount of processing power that is normally used to keep you alive and upright throughout the day. It’s still scanning the environment but the environment is now dark, quiet, with very minimal incoming information. Due to the lack of incoming information from the outside the brain scans for information from other sources. It finds information and stimulation from looking inward to your bodies systems. The resulting affect is the feeling of relaxtion and well being from the release of endorphins and dopamine and a reduction in levels of Cortisol, the adrenal hormone that puts your body on alert.

Lying in the float tank environment also allows you to be present in your mind, this is the same thing that mediation teaches.  You reflect on many things that slide past you each day, relationships, health, love, work.  It is extremely self reflective and you can sort a lot of stuff out in there.

Increased learning, the quiet state of your mind makes it very susceptible to suggestion and input.  Learning a new language, for instance is enhanced if the language is played while being in the tank.   Athletes use the tank to train their mind to achieving their best performance.  the Australian Institute of Sport, Carlton football Club, Indianapolis Colts, Carl Lewis Gold Medal Olympian have all used float tanks to achieve their best performances.

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