Do I Need To Bring Anything?
Nope, just yourself and your bathers.  Towels, earplugs, and everything else you need are provided.  
Can I Drown If I Fall Asleep?

Nope, some people fall asleep but the water is so buoyant (12 times more buoyant than the sea) that you stay afloat.  Even if you try to roll over the water it will push you back to your resting position.

What If I’m Claustrophobic?

People with claustrophobia consistently report no problems with floating. You’re always in control of your environment and we do have open baths to help ease you into the world of floating.  

How Are The Tanks Kept Clean?

Between every float, the highly sterile epsom salt water solution is passed through a .01 micron filter, a UV treatment filer and then treated with Hydrogen Peroxide (hospital grade bacteria killing treatment) before being returned to the tank.  The water is tested three times daily.  The final water quality is better than swimming in the local pool or taking a soak in your hot tub.

Can I Bring A Friend?

Absolutely, You can’t float together but you can use our double float room which has to open baths in the same room.  Its nice to share, but trust us when we say you won’t even know they are there,  They will be in their own environment once you relax into the float environment.

Is Floating New Age Mumbo Jumbo?

Floating has been around since the mid 60’s and has a ton of published research to back it up.  In fact, if you have the time we would be happy to discuss the scientific changes that occur in your body while you float.  Benefits include the reduction of cortisol, the increase in endorphins, the synchronisation of the left and right cortex of the brain and the absorption of magnesium through the skin from the Epsom salt.  Of course, the main benifit is that you come out with an immense feeling of well-being.


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