Super Learning

The Mind

As you travel around day to day, your brain is calculating and processing huge amounts of data and facts from the outside world. There are separate parts of the brain (old and newly developed, left and right side) responsible for keeping you breathing and your blood pumping without you knowing, assessing threats and dangers, to controlling your emotions with the use of chemical dumps into your system, yes, love is a chemical reaction as well as thinking both logically and creatively.

Entering the float tanks removes all external input allowing the mind to relax.   This frees up a huge amount of processing power that is normally used to keep you alive and upright throughout the day.   It’s still scanning the environment but the environment is now dark, quiet, with very minimal incoming information. Due to the lack of incoming information from the outside the brain scans for information from other sources. It finds information and stimulation from looking inward to your bodies systems. The resulting affect is the feeling of relaxtion and well being from the release of endorphins and dopamine and a reduction in levels of Cortisol, the adrenal hormone that puts your body on alert. High cortisol levels are linked to Hypertension, the overlying cause of high blood pressure, diabetes. Other symptoms can include Headaches, Neck ache Back ache Not Sleeping well Feeling tired Gaining weight , Stomach Aches Feeling Anxious Depression.


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